Summit Hill Extemded Stay Cottages and Suites

  Summit Hill


Quotes As a traveling nurse, I have stayed at Summit Hill several times for months at a time. I call it my home away from home. I especially like being able to unwind by taking long walks in the countryside and sitting out in the yard watching spectacular sunsets. Quotes

Quotes My position takes me to many locations. I usually end up in a motel or hotel. This was a welcome change, as I was not relegated to one room with a mini fridge and a microwave. The HDTV was great and I was able to leave on the weekends to visit my family knowing my possessions were secure and I didn't have to take all my things and check out on the weekends. Quotes

Quotes My husband came to Nacogdoches when he accepted a position in a medical practice with another local doctor. We reserved the East Suite without having seen it. We were pleasantly surprised. We intended to stay only a few months until we could buy a house here. Three months turned into fourteen months. We loved the roominess, cleanliness, and Buzz and Laura's friendship. Quotes

Quotes When I travel on business, I often take my retired husband along until I can assess how safe my quarters will be. There was not even a doubt in my mind that I could send him back to the big city. I always felt safe and knew that if I needed anything, Buzz or Laura could be there within a few minutes. I stayed four months and loved everything about Summit Hill. Quotes